Branded pins may appear small, but they easily get people’s attention, which is why they constitute an effective marketing strategy for businesses. Designing lapel pins, for instance, is a great way to add your logo and spark conversations anywhere you show your branded item. You can distribute branded pins to staff, business partners, and the general public at various events to boost your marketing campaigns. If you are looking for ideas on how to use colorful branded pins to send a promotional message out there, read on for more tips.

Why Design Logo Branded Pins for Business Promotion?

Branded pins are easy ways to promote your company and increase sales over time. Design branded merchandise for your business and give it away. Studies show that businesses cannot go wrong by sharing free stuff among their consumers. The term “free stuff” can mean a lot of little things, such as promotional badges, pins, pencils, and t-shirts. Feature your brand logo on these items, and you will find so many marketing ideas to explore with them. Here are some good reasons to invest in branded pin designs for your business promotion.

  • Affordable

Affordable promotional products like pins offer high returns on investment. Branded pins are cost-effective because of their small sizes. They won’t blow your marketing budget, and you can print thousands of them for giveaways.

  • Unique

If you are looking to take advantage of marketing opportunities that other companies have yet to use, branded pins could be the best way to go. They are unique marketing tools that you can add to your arsenal to gain a competitive edge in your industry. Not a lot of businesses understand the value of these items. So, why not hire leading branded pin makers like Rocket Badge to help your brand shine?

Types of Branded Lapel Pins

Lapel pins used to be worn on the left side of men’s suit jackets. However, their uses have transformed dramatically these days. Now, people wear typical lapel pins with any clothing in an attempt to spread a message, promote a brand, or improve their fashion. Different types of lapel pins exist, but these are the most popular ones you can use to promote your business.

Die Struck Lapel Pins

Die-struck lapel pins come with antique looks, and businesses often use them to celebrate milestones or as recognition awards. The manufacturing method is quite simple: designers stamp a metal piece over a mold to make the pins. Pins manufactured this way are cast in zinc, brass, and iron. Finally, they are plated with polished metal to create a beautiful piece.

2. Hard Enamel Pins

While hard enamel pins are also created using the die-struck technique, they are filled with paint and smoothed to get a shiny finish. Businesses that want fewer details may find hard enamel pins perfect for brand promotion.

3. Soft Enamel Pins

Soft enamel pins have recessed enamel and raised metal that gives them a 3D shape with an epoxy coating for protection. This type of lapel pin is popular for its unique style, versatility, and colorfulness. Soft enamel pins are suitable for designs requiring considerable detail. 

4. Photo Dome Lapel Pins

These are perhaps the simplest pins on the market. Regarding production, the photo dome captures an image (photograph) and prints it on a metal backing.

As shown above, displaying your logo on a brand can benefit your brand promotion. Therefore, consider partnering with a manufacturer to customize your pins to boost your marketing strategies.