In the action-packed film “Uncharted,” Mark Wahlberg takes on a new role and passes the shirtless torch to Tom Holland. Wahlberg, who initially had plans to adapt the popular PlayStation game franchise as adventurer Nathan Drake, now embraces the “gruff, elder statesman role” of Victor “Sully” Sullivan in the latest installment of the film. With age comes wisdom, and Wahlberg has enjoyed teaching Holland both on and off-screen. Let’s delve into some of the lessons Wahlberg imparted to Holland during the making of “Uncharted.”

Humility: Embracing New Perspectives

Despite his reputation as a former Calvin Klein underwear model with enviable abs, Wahlberg willingly gave up the shirtless shots in “Uncharted” to Tom Holland. Recognizing the importance of showcasing Holland’s physical transformation and talent, Wahlberg supported the decision. In the film, Holland proves his ability to handle the lead role and is not just limited to his previous role as Peter Parker in “Spider-Man.” Wahlberg commends Holland’s dedication, emphasizing the need for sustained excellence over a long career.

Wahlberg’s Trunk Etiquette Lesson

During the filming of a scene where the characters hide in the trunk of a Mercedes Gullwing sportscar, Wahlberg demonstrated proper behavior in tight quarters. He would take a mint before each scene to ensure fresh breath and emphasized the importance of using clean body wash and deodorant without overwhelming cologne. Wahlberg’s attention to detail and consideration for his co-star created a comfortable working environment. Although Holland passed the scent test, Wahlberg humorously acknowledges that no one smells as good as Will Ferrell, his former co-star in “The Other Guys,” who uses Moroccan oil in his hair.

Height Differences and Playful Banter

While Wahlberg (5-foot-8) is not significantly taller than Holland (5-foot-7), he enjoys engaging in friendly banter about their height difference. Though Wahlberg asserts that he is at least an inch taller, the exact measurement remains unconfirmed. This height dynamic became a source of amusement between the characters, with Nate jokingly mentioning the slight difference in height. This improvised joke made its way into the film, showcasing the camaraderie between Wahlberg and Holland.

Wahlberg’s Mustache and Character Transformation

Wahlberg’s character, Sully, surprises Nate by sporting a mustache and teasing him about puberty and growing his own facial hair. The mustache is a crucial element in Sully’s transformation, as fans of the video game series recognize it as his trademark look. Wahlberg’s on-screen mustache reveals the character’s progression from a younger version to the iconic figure known and loved by fans. Should there be any future sequels, Wahlberg confirms that the mustache will make a comeback.


Mark Wahlberg’s role in “Uncharted” showcases his ability to adapt and embrace new challenges. Through his interactions with Tom Holland, Wahlberg shares valuable lessons about humility, proper etiquette, and maintaining a sense of humor. As he passes the shirtless torch to Holland, Wahlberg proves his willingness to support and guide younger talents in the industry. With his mustache and charismatic performance, Wahlberg contributes to the successful portrayal of Victor “Sully” Sullivan, leaving a lasting impression on the audience.