Daniel Timpf is the father of American television personality and comedian Kat Timpf. He has been secretive about his early life details, and it is unclear when he was born. As a father, Daniel Timpf has always supported his children, especially his daughter Kat Kimpf.

Personal Life

Regarding his personal life, Daniel Timpf is a married man; he is married to a lady named Anne Marie Timpf. The two have been married for over 30 years. Details of how the two met are unclear, but during their time together, they had three children: one son, Elliot Timpf, and two daughters, Kat and Julia Timpf.

Daniel Timpf lives in Detroit, Michigan, with his family. He is a Roman Catholic and has raised his children according to catholic beliefs. Daniel is easygoing, and it is easier to interact with him; he often supports his daughter Kat, and in 2020, he appeared in his daughter’s show to talk about dating.

Career and Net worth

Daniel Timpf has not been open with what he does to earn a living but is an active contributor to society. However, judging from his lifestyle, he must have been doing a good-paying job and probably owns a company. Judging from his lifestyle, you can tell that Daniel Timpf lives quite a comfortable life. His net worth is unknown, but whatever he owns is enough to care for his family. On the other hand, his daughter, who has succeeded in different, has made a good fortune, with her net worth estimated to be 6 million dollars.

Kat has made most of her wealth through her journalism career. She can support her family, including her father, Daniel Timpf, given her worth.

His Daughter

Daniel’s daughter grew up and attended school in Detroit, Michigan. She graduated from Hillsdale College with a bachelor of arts in English. After graduating high school, she worked for several organizations and was a digital editor for The Washington Times. Kat also worked as a reporter for Total Traffic Network and news anchor for Third Rock Radio.

On television and radio, Kat Timpf has appeared in several programs, including Your World with Neil Cavuto, America Live with Megyn Kelly, The Night Show with Larry Wilmore, and The Big Weekend Show. When young, Kat was a devoted Christian, but later, in love, she moved away from her childhood faith.

In her personal life, Kat Timpf is married to Cameron Friscia; the two had been dating for a while before getting engaged in August 2020. A year later, the two walked down the aisle in an event their close family members and friends attended.  Daniel’s daughter and her husband are happy together, but it is unclear if they have children; Kat has managed to keep those details away from the public.

Social Media

Daniel Timpf is not as active on social media platforms but has Twitter and LinkedIn accounts, where he sometimes posts life-related issues. His daughter is active on Instagram but rarely posts about her family; most posts are work-related.