Claire Mulaney is a celebrity comedian who has been in the limelight for her performance on Saturday Night Live. Claire auditioned for the comic show, but he never got an opportunity as one of the main actors. However, she secured a chance as one of the writers, a role she held for around three years.

Her great performance in the show showed that she was a great talent in the comedy industry. Once she completed her role in SNL, she performed in her comic group, making several shows.

Clare Mulaney Family

Claire Mulaney was born in a family of five siblings. Claire’s mother, Ellen Mulaney, was a professor at Northwestern University Pritzker School of Law, while her father, Charles, was an attorney and partner at Skadden Arps.

Claire’s parents were dedicated to their studies, and they both met at Georgetown University and Yale Law School. At the time Mulaney’s parents were studying, former United President Bill Clinton was also at Georgetown University.

Claire Mulaney is believed to be the fourth born in her family while she has an elder sister and two brothers. Unfortunately, she lost one of her brothers while he was an infant, now remaining four siblings.

Caroline Mulaney is the eldest sibling and a Pre-K teacher at the Archdiocese of Chicago and St. Clement School in Chicago. Caroline joined St.Lgantius for her high school diploma and later joined Bates College for her history studies. Later, Caroline went to DePaul University for her Master of Education in early childhood and teaching.

Claire’s eldest sister has done well in her career, and with time, she has been upgraded to serve various roles. Caroline once worked as a nanny for two years and later became the executive committee member and chairman at Catholic Charities.

Claire’s other sibling is called Chip Mulaney, and he was born in Chicago. Claire’s brother is a graduate of Saint Ignatius High School and a proud father of four children.

Claire Mulaney’s Career

Claire Mulaney is an actress, comedian, and writer. She came into the limelight when she took part in SNL as a writer. She had competed for the roles as an actress in the comic show, but she never landed the role.

Claire took part in the show as one of the writers, writing a total of 42 episodes, which ran from 2013 to 2015. Besides writing episodes for SNL, she was also a writer for Take My Wife and the executive story editor for Last Man Standing.

Besides being a writer, Claire has also done well in acting, featuring in Coufeud as Collen Mackey and in Work in Progress as Barb. She went deep into entertainment when she started her show B-Slide featuring Greta Morgan. Their show has a lot of entertainment, including music, Comedy, and other creatives.

Besides acting and writing, Claire is also a talented craftsman. She posted on her social media that she made a bag out of duct tape and gifted it to her elder sister, Caroline.

Is Claire Mulaney in a Relationship?

Claire Mulaney has kept her dating life out of the limelight, but on August 8, 2014, she was engaged to her longtime partner, Matthew George, whom she had been dating for seven years. Later, on September 6, 2015, Matthew and Claire exchanged vows in St. Clement Church.