Personal Information

Cassidy Zee Gorden is the accomplished daughter of the late actress Jacklyn Zeman, known for her iconic role as Bobbie Spencer in the beloved TV series General Hospital. Born on September 16, 1990, in Los Angeles, California, Cassidy is a 33-year-old woman as of 2023, carrying the zodiac sign of Virgo. She is a proud American with a white ethnic background and hails from San Francisco, California, her current place of residence. Her striking blue eyes and blonde hair make her a distinctive figure, while her strong Christian faith and straight sexuality shape her values and beliefs.


Cassidy Zee Gorden’s life is not just defined by her illustrious lineage but also by her achievements and choices. She has two loving parents: her mother, the renowned actress Jacklyn Lee Zeman, and her father, Glenn Gorden. Her family circle includes one sibling, and her marital status reveals that she has embarked on the journey of marriage. She is married to Cutter MacLeod, with whom she has built a loving family. The couple is blessed with two children, a testament to their love and commitment.


Cassidy Zee Gorden is not content with merely being known as the daughter of a celebrated actress. She has pursued her path of success and independence, thriving in the corporate world. With her degree in communications, earned from Loyola Marymount University in 2012, she has established herself as a marketing and communications expert. Her professional journey has likely been filled with challenges and triumphs, enabling her to carve out her niche in the industry. Cassidy’s dedication to her career showcases her determination and drive to excel on her own terms.

Net Worth

While details about Cassidy Zee Gorden’s net worth are not readily available, her accomplishments and career as a marketing and communications expert undoubtedly contribute to her financial stability. Beyond monetary wealth, her true worth shines through her dedication to her family, personal growth, and her commitment to her profession.

Cassidy Zee Gorden’s life story is a testament to her ability to balance her prestigious lineage with her achievements. A commitment to family marks her journey as a dedication to her career and a determination to thrive in her world. While she carries the legacy of a famous mother, Cassidy’s life embodies self-reliance and success. Her choice to pursue a career in marketing and communications demonstrates her capacity to excel independently, and her loving family stands as a testament to her happiness and fulfillment.

Although lived away from the public eye, Cassidy Zee Gorden’s life exemplifies the power of personal achievement, family values, and the pursuit of professional success. She is not just the daughter of a famous actress but an accomplished individual in her own right, proving that true success is defined by one’s journey, choices, and contributions to the world.