Mathew Gisoni is known thanks to his step-sister, Mackenzie Ziegler, an American singer. His exact date of birth is known, but he is older than his step sisters, Maddie and Mackenzie. Mathew Gisoni loves keeping his family close since he loves them and likes spending time with them.

His father is Greg Gisoni, but details of his biological mother are unknown. Nevertheless, he has a good relationship with his stepmother Mellisa Gisoni. His family is large; he has a sister named Michelle and her younger half-siblings, Mackenzie and Maddie.

Personal Life

Mathew Gisoni is not as famous as his sisters; he prefers to keep a low profile, and most details of his life are unknown. It is unclear if he is married or dating; he is not as open as his sisters, who do not shy away from mentioning their relationship status to the public. As a person, Mathew Gisoni is a loving individual, and this can be seen in the love she showed and still shows his younger sisters.

Education and Career

Mathew Gisoni is educated, but details of the institutions he attended are unknown. On the other hand, his sister Mackenzie was homeschooled. Mathew is probably a graduate, but those details are off the public; we can only speculate. What Mathew does to earn a living is unknown, but it seems he is living quite a good life; if he needs support, he can always get it from his parents and siblings.

His Sisters, Maddie and Mackenzie

Maddie and Mackenzie have an age difference of barely two years; Maddie was born in 2002, while Mackenzie was born in 2004. Mathew’s sisters started acting as child actresses, appearing on the reality show Dance Moms. Besides appearing on the reality show, the two sisters have also appeared in music videos and have seen a lot of success in their endeavors.

Maddie appeared in several music videos of American singer Sia, in Elastic Heart and Chandelier, and the music videos she appeared in have more than five billion views on YouTube. Maddie’s beauty has also worked to her advantage; she has appeared in magazine covers and advertisements. In 2016, she was a judge in the So You Think You Can Dance: The Next Generation competition.

Mathew’s sister’s career as a model, dancer, and actor is flourishing as she is still young and will have more opportunities. Mackenzie is also doing well in her music and acting careers; she started her music career in 2014 by releasing her debut album, Mack Z, before releasing her second album four years later.

In her music career, she has also worked with other musicians such as Johnny Orlando, who she has joined in European and North American tours. Besides, they have recorded and released several songs together. Mackenzie is still active in the entertainment industry and commands a large following on all social media platforms.

Social Media Presence

Mathew Gisoni is not active on social media, but his sisters are. For instance, his sister Mackenzie commands a huge following on her Instagram page. She likes posting pictures and videos, but most are work-related; she rarely posts pictures of her brother, Mathew Gisoni.